Title: Roll Away Your Stone (Live)
Artist: Mumford & Sons
Played: 4 times

Darkness is a harsh term don’t you think?
And yet it dominates the things I seek

I’m obsessed with friendships.

i love when people talk about their friends and they do it with that stupid smile, you can see that they love each other and how they smile at each other and how they care about each other and all those inside jokes and how with a right look they know how the other person is feeling

oh god i love friendships so much.


"we’d rented a cabin up in the mountains" 
"we were locked up in a cabin away from any people, we all just went a little crazy"
" we had a lot of fun up there"
"I think I said something like, uh its the end of the electric guitar. I hated it that night and i burned it alive."
”we were all in a positive place but it wasnt really coming out in our music”

(Panic at the Disco about their cabin era)

"i’ve been giggin’ with [passenger] for years, and i’m talking years…"  - Ed

Do yourself a favor and watch House of Cards. Really want to get these F U cufflinks just because 😜